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Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Fun - Poetry Friday ...


In all sports, you need to have an open mind
Traveling down mountains, thinking you’re one of a kind

Your patience is dwindling, you may want to cry
Your friends are outstanding, it pushes you to try

A sign in the distance, for a beginner’s trail
Thinking you might take it, rather than fail

Black diamonds mean, danger for all
Beginners sticking to easier trails, not to fall

Skiing along you take the wrong turn
The next run down, you will certainly learn

You head to another lift to settle all fear
Confidence kicks in and you do not have a care

Carefully shifting from side to side
Assuring yourself to save your own hide

Trying another trail, this is the real test
With trails behind you, you want to look your best

You reach the bottom of the hill with a smile
and your friends say, I like your style


  1. What a wonderful poem K! Love it! I like skiing and this poem is so "mine"! :)

  2. Thanks, Sonja - This poem was written awhile ago - I am just taking older poems out and reworking them a bit - Glad you liked it ... Happy Holiday Week, My Dear Friend ... So glad we connected this year - 2012 will be "Our Year" :)