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Monday, January 30, 2012

Heart Monday ... Hope Monday ...

It is the beginning of a new week ~ I am wishing that Heart Monday will symbolize "Hope"...

Hope for my family and friends that are struggling ~ Hope that my Dad continues to recover from his recent surgery ~ Hope that a New Year brings new opportunities for all the people that I love ... Hope for a happiness ...

This photo above is of a "Heart" Card that is visible in my office ... I purchased it along with a few other "heart gifts"I had sent to a dear friend for her birthday. I loved the simple stitching, with white polka dots ...

When was the last time you bought yourself something you liked?


  1. Very sweet heart card. Hope your Dad gets well soon.

  2. Kristine,I hope your Dad gets well soon! You are so kind,thinking of others, and I know your friend is thankful beyond words for those "heart" gifts for her birthday, lol! They are cherished! I love the card in this photo, it's gorgeous!
    The last time I bought something I liked was when I was in the US. I had the opportunity to purchase not only the things that don't sell here, but also things that I simply wanted to have; I guess a spoiled my self a bit, and it's a good feeling. :)

    1. Sonja - Yes, "My Friend" has thanked me many times for the "Heart" gifts - LOL - So glad you spoiled yourself - You really "needed" all those wonderful supplies to make us all those beautiful creations - But things you "wanted" were a real treat - I should be receiving my Sizzix today - I will let you know ...