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Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday is Heart Day ...

I have been busy making some changes to LIVING IN THE MOMENT ...

I am thinking of changing Mondays to "Heart Monday" going forward, Wednesdays will remain "Whimsical Wednesday" and Fridays will remain "Poetry Friday" ... What do you think?

Hearts were never really favorite object of mine, but in the past year I have been looking at them differently. I love them - They really seems to be the center of our lives - They beat to help us throughout our day, they hurt when we feel for others, relationships break them etc ...
What Makes your Heart - Skip a Beat? 

1 comment:

  1. What ever you choose will be great Kristine! Monday could be "Heart Monday",or just what makes you happy that day. And of course I love the hearts! (You know that very well!)I finished my new "Heart" journal last night and I could just sit and look at it!:) I also wasn't that into hearts before, but it seems like you and I started the same "Heart Love" at about the same time! Isn't that amazing?