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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hearts for Charity ...

When I went food shopping this past weekend, they were selling cards - ARTWORK FOR EDUCATION - Castle Heights Elementary School (Los Angeles, CA) students are raising funds for programs and equipment for their school.

 I had many different cards to choose from. This is just one that I purchased. Of course, I wanted the heart decorated card, created by Irene - Age 9. As all of you who follow my blog know - I love anything "Heart" related these days ...

These are the times I feel like I am "Giving Back" - Small gestures to help out - Wish I could do more - Perhaps, Someday I will be able to ...

When was the last time you came across something like this? 


  1. What a beautiful card. And made by a 9 year old child! Amazing! It feels great to be able to help. I sold three pieces so far (wish there were more sold), and it's good to know that the money went to someone in need. xo!

    1. Hoping you got my response to your post, Sonja oxoxox

  2. Hi Sonja - I knew you could relate - Yes - It touched my heart to buy a few cards, knowing they were made by children and with love. It is a great feeling knowing you "doing your part" ... oxoxox

  3. That youngster will learn a good life lesson through this and during these tuff economical times more teachers should be taking the lead as this one did.....Yes, I love to look for the RAK!

  4. Thanks so much, Debi ~ So wonderful for you to come back time again to visitz ~ Love seeing your messages come through ~ Yes, I agree, a great way to show the little ones a life lesson! Enjoy the weekend!