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Meet Dana Payne Saunders ...

I would like to introduce 
 Dana Payne Saunders ...

She is a passionate, creative painter that I am proud to call my friend. 

She is like a writer with paint, every brushstroke tells a story. She asked me to do some digital art (which is seen on the left) to go along with an acrylic painting she wanted to create (seen on the right). 

I think blending our two visions made for a vibrant finished piece.
 I just love this painting knowing it involved two minds - and a great friendship connection.

Dana ~ It was a real pleasure working with you. I would love to do it again in the near future.


  1. Thank you Kristine! It was great fun to work with your photo and very interesting to see how the painterly process evolved from the photo. Your digital art inspired me to use an additive medium with my acrylic paint to try to replicate the mood of your photo. It's not exact, but I learned something in the process. And sometimes the process is just as important as the finished work. That's why 2 creative minds mixing their processes can be so much fun.

    1. Thank you SO much, Dana ... I am so glad it was as fun for you, as it was for me. Love how two minds can work on the same project and bring so much variance ... So glad you also learned something new through this process ... As I mentioned, please keep me in mind in the near future - I would love to work with you again!

  2. I love both the photo and the painting! It's wonderful to see how two artist come up with different interpretations of the same thing. Lovely!

    1. Sonja - Thank you SO much for your kind words. I have been enjoying my collaborations with other artists - Just as we did with the scarf you made - Love working as a team on projects like this ...


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