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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bonjour - Return from Biarritz, France!


I have returned back from my first official trip to Biarritz, France. A coastal city with so much to offer ... I would return to this oasis in a mere moment!

Our travels brought us from Boston to Munich, to Toulouse France, to board a five hour train ride to arrive in Biarritz, France - All in one day- Whew! I have to say, I enjoyed the journey to arrive at our destination.

So fortunate to spend five incredible days in Biarritz, France. Also to visit Saint Jean de Luz (a famous shopping center), and Downtown Biarritz.  This adorable city offers cafe's, restaurants, shopping, beautiful scenery and a breathtaking views.

This photo above was from my second day, on my own, typing away at a French Cafe'. An item I can now cross off my "Bucket List" ... It still feels like a dream in so many ways ...

More to come from this exciting escape ...


  1. It's always wonderful to travel and to see new places, but France, ohh, that is one of my dream destinations! I'm so glad you had a lovely time there. Can't wait to hear more! :)

    1. Yes, Sonja - I feel very grateful for visiting such a grand place - I hope to return to Europe to see others parts (and also to return to Biarritz), Someday ... Always great to hear from you, Sonja!