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Tuesday, January 1, 2013



WELCOME to 2013 ... 

A New Year has always meant wiping the slate clean and starting fresh ... To think ahead, without looking back ... To look at the things we can learn, read, create ... Or on the flip side, things we can let go of, work on, change etc ... 

I have much to be thankful for ... A great family, good friends, a warm house to arrive to, being greeted my two friendly cats, a cozy living room to relax in etc ... 

If I could ask for some prayers for my Dad - He has a few procedures to get through in the upcoming months ... We Love You!

I have much to look forward to ... My first book will be released at months end (with a little luck!), Turning a year older next month,  a Superbowl to watch, then Spring - Right around the corner ... 

Tell me what a New Year means to you ... What is happening in the upcoming months for you? 

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