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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Old Days ...

 Photo Credit - A Little Touch of Me - Facebook Site

Do you ever wish we could go back in time? To see how they lived years before?

My family and friends have heard me say (Many Times!) "I Was Born Too Late" ... Meaning, I love everything (Music, Clothes, Etc) from long ago ... The 30s, 40s, 50s, ... Love those eras.

Take the photo above, for example - The rotary phone. Recently, My Mom and spoke of "Party Lines" back in the day when you needed to "wait" to get an open phone line. We have every way to communicate now with email, texting, and cellphones.Can you even imagine having to wait? We have instant gratification today.

I think back of Simpler Times ... I would love to "bring back"- The building of smaller homes, The Milk Man and having to get up to turn the television on and off ... The days of seeing the neighborhood kids play kickball in the streets, and family game night.

What would you like to "Bring Back"? Looking forward to hearing back from you! 


  1. Thank you so very much for coming to my blog and becoming a follower. I will be very happy to become your follower too. My oldest daughter married an Ortega and I have one grandson!
    And do I ever remember remember the good old fashioned days as that is the era I grew up in. We even had a little metal door on the side of our house that was built inside the wall which was lined with metal to keep the milk bottles cold when the milk man put them there early of a morning. That was the late 1950's. I almost forgot about having to turn 'off' the television. I miss the feminine style of everybody wearing dresses, although pants do have their advantages keeping the legs warmer but we did wear nylons back then...I even remember when they had seams at the back of the legs. When I see them in old movies the gals look so classy.
    I will return again, and again to your blog, I am sure! A day doesn't go by where I meet someone new in blogland and it is great!
    Teresa in California

    1. Hi Teresa - I had visited your blog awhile ago, and I was catching up last night - Love your blog and style!
      Yes, I love the story you told regarding the metal box for the Milk Man - We have a "Milk Man" of sorts - The Creamery comes in the metal box truck and delivers milk and cream each week. I look forward to it. The simple things in life, Right?
      Oh, How women looked so classy back then w the seamed pantyhose. Yes, I loved that era, also. Even though, I grew up in the 80s ...
      Kristine in Boston MA