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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Letters Across the Miles ...

Dear Jennifer,

Yes, It is March Already - Hard to Believe!

I also heard the birds chirping this past week which was a welcoming sign to Spring. I love the outdoor sounds after being housebound during the Winter months. I look forward to being outside and taking walks to our local pond (My Special Place). This is where I photographed  a new family of geese and some mallard ducks last year. Each Spring it seems to call my name to visit for yet another season! 

This past week we dug out from yet another snowstorm. We were again in the "jackpot" area with 22 inches of snow! (Second large storm in two weeks). We are all uncovered now and looking forward to Spring to arrive!

You Asked What is New with Me  ~ I was happy to meet a new neighbor! We spoke while shoveling and I was asked over for a cup of coffee in the upcoming week or so. She is only a few doors down, so it is a nice feeling. This was a pleasant surprise for me!

Your prompt to start "Working on Dreams" jump started me to pull out a few reads off the bookshelf.  I have books on photography, sketching, photo editing and writing exercises that I have been wanting to get to. I tend to thumb through books and magazines once I sit for the evening while (somewhat) watching TV. So, Thank You for this push!

You and I seem to be similar in how we move through our days. No one can push me into being interested in something, I need to "feel it", to dive in. I think we all feel that days need a few more hours to fit in everything we would like to do!

Sending love, Across the Miles

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