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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Letters Across the Miles ...


Dear Jennifer, 
I think our minds work the same way - I was driving home today and thought, "I did not write to Jennifer yesterday" - So I apologize for being a day late - So, I guess we are even now ;) LOL 

I wanted to mark the first day I could wear sandals this year with the above photo. This is the entryway to our new patio we installed last year. I look forward to reading, writing and sipping wine on it in the upcoming weeks and months. 

I was happy to hear that you spent your Easter Weekend enjoying your family. It is always a nice time when everyone is together in one place. It seems you are incredibly good with kids ... Such a nice quality to have ... They are lucky to have you! 

Today I spent the day with my next door neighbor visiting Downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It was such an enjoyable day! We visited Kennedy Square, my new place of employment. We also visited the Federal Hill area, and walked through all the side streets and back to the college campus area. I wish we would have worn pedometers to track our steps. What an artsy town! I was in awe of the architecture, hotels, etc - I took many photos of the archways, balconies and statues - Just a lovely day all around! 

You asked what is on my Spring/Summer Bucket List - 1) I would like to look into getting a bike to tool around town and visit the local pond, and to feed the mallard ducks - 2) I would like to add some new photographs to my portfolio - 3) Being outdoors more and more - 4) I look forward to writing poetry outside after a long winter ... and all the usuals as you mentioned - Going to the local ice cream stand, taking walks, enjoying the longer days of daylight, visiting friends and family, and being grateful for what we have ...

Wishing a fabulous week ahead! 

Much Love,



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