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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On This Day, My Dear Brother ...

On this day, My Dear Brother

It is for you to breathe easier

And for you to do the things

You always wanted to do

To walk on a smoother path

Above us, Sporting your cowboy boots

While watching over us, below

Wear your Ray Ban sunglasses

That always completed your look

Give us that famous laugh

With that one of a kind smile

Jam a favorite tune on your guitar

To let us hear you one more time

During a rainstorm, Send down a drum solo

so there is no doubt - It is you

If you drop a stick while playing

Your strong hands will take over

As they have saved you many times before

Watch a Dallas Cowboys football game

And cheer along with all of us

I will save you a seat - Right next to me

Settle In - In your new life with those you admire

Rock the heavens with the greatest musicians

They will welcome you with open arms

Family & Friends will gather

to have a few cigars In your honor

To cheer the coolest guy we know

You can bring us all home

With the song, Squeezebox

Like you did so many years ago

With my adopted brothers - "The Band"

There are no words for these fine men

Keep the garden gate open

So we can meet again

To Rock a Little More

With only the class you had

To Lead the way home

And make new memories

Just Us ~ You & I

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