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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Looking Forward to 2014 ...

 Looking Forward to 2014:

As many of you know, 2013 was the saddest year for my family losing a Husband, Father, Son and Brother. Doug will remain in our hearts each day and will never be forgotten.

Looking back on 2013, I learned a lot about myself. My Family. My True Friends. How I want to spend more time with them in the New Year. Start some new traditions. Do more. Life is short. It is meant to be lived.

I hope to capture intriguing photographs, write about unique things, meet new people, try something adventurous, be fearless and above all find the good in each day!

What are you looking for in the upcoming year?


  1. Kristine, continuing to lift you and your family up. For me it still seems unreal and I expected to see my brother come through the door this Christmas. I am looking forward to doing more creative projects and stepping out and sharing more of my work, getting fit, and seeing your creativity soar! Blessings, peace and much love!

    1. Amanda - Thank you for your friendship - It means so much to me - I am sorry that your heart is heavy regarding your dear brother - I will be cheering you on with all you crave in the New Year - and watching your progress grow Xo