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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Where I Have Been ...

Artwork by Katie Daisy

Where I Have Been:

Enjoyed my First Roller Coaster Ride
at Canobie Lake Park

Great Childhood Memories at
Hampton Beach

Jumped the Waves at
 Moody Beach in Maine

 First Family Plane Trip in 1976
to Disney World

Listened to The Best of Classic Music
by my Brothers Band

Wore the Widest of Smiles
on High School Graduation

First Plane Ride Solo with the 
Best of Old Friends in 1987

Wrote Poetry in the Corners of my
Childhood Bedroom

Gained my love of Photography (And So Much More) from my Dad
Stood in Awe of the Brights Lights in Times Square

Worked in the Hustle and Bustle of Atlantic Avenue in Boston

Para-Sailed Over the Island of Aruba

Lived in the Deep Woods of Western Massachusetts

Enjoyed Birthday Moments (And So Many Other Great Times) with My Mom in Bermuda

 Moved Five Times in 15 Years

Had my first Chicken Jerk Dinner in Jamaica

Have Taken On Many Positions from an ER Secretary to Customer Service Roles

Waited All Week for the Perfect Sunset in St Martin

Took the Mad Hat Brewery Tour in Vermont
Jet-Skied in Caribbean Waters

 Worked in the Picturesque College Town of  Providence, Rhode Island

Enjoyed the Breath-Taking Oceanside Views of Biarritz, France

Bought my First Pair of Cowboy Boots in Nashville, Tennessee  


  1. Love your have lived a good life the way it sounds...lots of adventures. :-)

    1. Thank You SO Much, Deborah! Means the world to me ... Xx

  2. Lovely! We should all make a list of places and events that made us happy!

    1. Thanks, Sonja - There have been many ups and down in between, but I like to concentrate on the positive Xo

  3. No wonder you are so creative and talented, that diversity in your life contributed!