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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why Not Have a Big Life?

~Emily Dickinson

Do you feel you "Have A Big Life"?

I photographed this plate while visiting a great friend in Nashville this past year. 
It had me thinking for days afterward- What does this truly mean?

At times I feel having a big life could mean flying to a far away country -
 Other days, enjoying a great tasting cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop is satisfying

As I get older, I realize the beauty in the smaller things - 
The hazy morning sunshine, a gentle breeze or a new flower blooming in the yard

Does it mean living comfortably?
Does it come down to living a meaningful life?
Or as simple as living a life that makes you happy?

This is only one of the reasons Emily Dickinson is a favorite of mine ...


This could mean different things to different people. What does this mean to you?

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