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Thursday, April 14, 2016

April Love -- Day Fourteen ...

Dear Courage,
You never fail me. You may be dormant. Suspended. In a deep sleep. Inactive. Resting for when I call on you. To give me strength. You reawaken and push me to keep looking forward. You never allow me to stay down. You let me process, but then it is forward facing and no looking back. You restore the faith I need to have in myself. You bring me back to life. Renewing the layer of self confidence that had been lost. Reminding me I deserve better. Coaching me to trust in what I know. Reconditioning me. Repairing what has been broken. Cheering me on when I lose momentum. Smiling on me when I have done my best. You walk beside me as a companion. Placing a hand on my shoulder when I need one. Wiping the tears when they come. Encouraging me to look at the larger picture. Please remain with me in the upcoming years, I have confidence you will be there.

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