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Sunday, April 10, 2016

April Love -- Day Ten

Dear First Love,
I remember the first glance. The smell of your cologne. It always told me if you were present, even before I saw you. From the moment I noticed you, I felt I was on a mission to get to know you better. You had just returned from vacation. Tanned. Wearing a new pairs of jeans and a red polo shirt. We left the Harvest Dance and Prom early because you needed to study. Years later this would all serve you extremely well. How I waited for your call. Waited for you to notice me.  Hoped you were capable of liking me more than just a friend. Our friendship turned more serious, but the passion was never reciprocated. You lived in a world of numbers and detail, while I lived strictly by emotion. You were driven, and I was carefree. It would take years before I realized we were too different to sustain a relationship. I feel a part of me always knew you were not capable of being the person I so needed you to be. The breakup was difficult, as they all are. I cut my hair short, made new friends and hardened my heart. I knew I deserved better. There were dates with others, afterward. Some still have their comical place over drinks with close friends. Some hold great memories. I am grateful for the lessons that I have learned. And look forward to learning more, each and every day.

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