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Sunday, April 17, 2016

April Love -- Day Seventeen

Dear Family,
I would love to tell you so many stories. Ones you have not heard. How grateful I am for the family that surrounds us. Hearing a story from you that I had never heard before. How I enjoy hearing of relatives that have left us. The heartaches, the lowest moments, the smaller achievements that only I know of. The late nights that tears appear. The early mornings that bring back the greatest of memories. When I hear a song that brings me back in time. Where my mind goes when I see nature at its best. How I believe in the smallest of gestures. How I wish I could change my future years with him still in my life. The moments I spend at the local pond, finding answers. How I crave the ocean after long Winter months. How the aroma of a holiday dish transcends me back to childhood. My belief that I will find my niche in the world. How I feel when I hold a camera or when I am writing. The rush I feel while having a great conversation. How I enjoy the first cup of coffee to start my day. Or a glass of red wine to finish one.  

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