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Monday, November 14, 2011

Featuring Celine Dion on Music Monday ...

Celine. Just saying her first name and everyone knows who you are speaking of.

The first I heard "Where Does My Heart Beat Now", I knew I would become a Celine Dion Fan. I felt her voice had a range that was so unique and genuine.  Disney's "Beauty and The Beast" debut seemed to put her at the top of the charts and she only became more famous from there.

"It's All Coming Back to Me Now" was also a favorite of mine. "My Heart Will Go On" was a huge hit all over the world being one of the title tracks for the film "Titantic". "I'm Alive" and  "Because You Loved Me" are also popular favorites amongst fans among many others. 

Fans were able to enjoy Celine's Caesar Palace - Vegas Shows from 2003-2007. She took a break to enter back into the studio and to do her World Tour over the next few years. She is back  in Vegas this year and going forward for us to enjoy her a bit more.


  1. I have many of her CDs and always enjoy listening to her music! Great voice, although not always a great fashion expert, LOL! I really admire her talent! :) Kristine, you and I have so many things in common! Amazing!

  2. Sonja - We were definately "Sisters" in another life - I have been wanting to feature her for awhile now - Glad I did - Love her ...