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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happiness is a Choice ...

How many of you know about these "Fortune Tellers"? 
We used to make these with pieces of paper when I was a kid. 
You would move them in and out depending on the what number you chose 
(the numbers would be where the letters are in this picture).
You would then have color names (Red, Green, Blue) inside to choose from,
you would count out the letters to see what secret message you would open for that person.
They would fold out from the inside of this shape shown above.
Just a fun childhood game I have never forgotten ...

My motto is:
We always have a choice
So this quote really spoke to me.

What is your motto?


  1. I haven't seen this for such a long time! :) I used to play that game too as a child!
    And my motto... well, I try to live by the "Follow your heart" motto, as much as I can. :)

  2. Another thing we have in common, Sonja - Amazing - I love your motto!