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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Farm Stand Time ...

I was asked to start posting a bit more of my "own" photography on my blog. I love hearing from all of you, so I am listening to your requests. Today I decided to post a photo I took recently as a local Farm Stand. I do like posting work from other artists and writing about how their work speaks to me, but I do have a lot of my own photography to share, as well.

I love taking a regular photo and playing in Photoshop to make it different. This photo was originally in color, but the farm stand reminded me of long ago - So changing it to Sepia made it more real to me. It reminds me of a photo that you would have seen in a newspaper years ago ... When you see a photo like this, what memories does it bring back for you?


  1. When I see a photo like this it reminds me of the faded our sepia photos I have of my great grand parents.
    Every summer I would visit for as long as my mom would let me.
    How much I wish there were more photos.

    I think the idea to put more of your own art in the blog is an excellent plan !

  2. Hi Elizabeth - Great hearing from you - Yes, Sepia is one of my favorites, also - I am glad it brought back wonderful childhood memories for you! Yes, Stay tuned for more of my original work ...