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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday ...

Each week when I think of Whimsical Wednesday's post, I search for the "true" vision that I have in my mind. I had a picture with Mermaids, Fairies or Unicorns - This painting included them all! I also loved the moon on one side and the sunrise on the other. The splash of the unicorns running, the mermaid looking on, and the waves crashing over. On some days, I like to think "Magic" does happen. When was the last time you witnessed a magical moment?


  1. What a beautiful picture! What a treasure to own. Just looking at it brings out the magic in each of us. Love it!

  2. Thanks so much, csweet ... I thought the same thing ... The magical world lets us dream and escape for a while ... Great hearing from you!

  3. Magical moments happen all the time, but sometimes I'm not seeing because my mind is busy with other things.
    Later on, upon reflection, I might realize magic had happened, but that would always be after the fact.

    This summer my 14 year old grandson and I were out in the ocean with a boogie board.
    Max was the' watcher' and I was the' rider' : * Magical Moment *

    Many times I got tossed around, legs flying in the air, sand and salt water filling my nose, ears, eyes : * Reality *

    I had no concern what-so-ever what anyone thought about an adult acting like a kid : * Magical Moment *

    And then there were those perfect waves where I rode them the whole way up the beach with Max body surfing right beside me : * Magical Moment *

  4. Hi Elizabeth - Yes - Magical Moments do happen all around us - Definately - I am loving the boogie board story - What a great zest for life you have!