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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Balancing Act ...

How do you balance out your life between work and home? How do you find time to do the things you want to do? This all comes down to balance. Do you sometimes feel like that small rock in the middle of the photo above, trying to hold it all together? Have you found the secret? I would love to hear your answers ...


  1. Hi Kristine, Did you take that wonderful photograph of the rocks? I found myself staring at it and getting into the ahhhhhhhh space. Which is a place of balance. As far as finding balance between work and home it's something I have to make a conscious choice to do. Take time to exercise. Or meditate. That helps me to make the transition from one life to another.

  2. Hi Susan ~ No, I did not take this photo ~ I came across this photo and just loved it ~ I am so glad you took the same zen moment I did while looking at these stones ~ Yes, Balance is a choice, I agree. Thanks for your advice, I love hearing what works for others!

  3. Good morning ( Sunday ) Kristine ~ Zen moments with meditation never work for me. I've tried.
    What does work is swimming laps. Apparently I need to be moving to be still. My brain unwinds, and the stress of being me lets go.

    Balance ?
    This is not a concept I've ever experienced.
    Life is mostly black and white, good and bad, interesting and dull, ...
    Somehow this works, although I wouldn't recommend it as the perfect way to live :-D

    Funny- when I looked at the stones the first thought I had was, ' Ah ha- here is the sandwich generation depicted in stones !
    My daughters are all grown up, so I'm not sandwiched.
    But my mom is in a nursing home ( temporarily-there's an end in sight when she goes to her apartment ) and this situation has me even more out of wack than usual !

    I should end on a more positive note :
    Being out of balance is not necessarily a bad place to be.
    If you're hard wired to be slightly askew , the best thing to do is accept yourself and try ' living in the moment ' !


  4. Good Afternoon, Elizabeth ~ I believe we are a lot alike - I need to keep moving to keep my mind clear - My goal is to get a bike and get out and ride in the Spring - I feel this will really work for me.

    Balance is a bit tricky - I hope we both get there, Someday.

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. We experienced this a few years ago with my Husbands Mom, extremely sad. My thoughts are with you and will continue to be.

    Thanks for quoting my blog - Nice Ending :)

  5. I always have a problem with balancing the two. I work from home, I love what I do, so it's always an effort to find that balance. :)

  6. Hi Sonja - Finding balance in our lives is a bit tricky - I am getting better at it - As I age, I do not sweat the small stuff, like I used to!