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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday & A Giveaway Winner!

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday, yet again ~ Recently I have been doing a lot of writing and this is what it has felt like to me - The above paintbrush when I put pen to paper - A flurry of color and expression. I have been writing 750 Words a Day consecutively for 29 Days now. Recently, I have asked family and friends  what they think of the task of writing 750 Words A Day, their responses differed. Some said it was painful to think of getting so many words out each day. Others, said it would flow out of them, easily. I seem to be in the latter. I never have difficulty when I start writing, I always seem to know what the topic of the day will be, before I begin. I hope this continues ... I am grateful for these 15 minutes daily, to be - Me.

And the Giveaway Winner is ...
Karen in FL 

Congratulations, Karen!

Please email me @ with your address! 

Thank you for all who entered ... 
I hope to have another giveaway real soon! 


  1. Good Morning, Kristine-
    Loved the paintbrush with colorful butterflies- Reminding me of how it's the process of making art that is my favorite.
    The finished product is nice, but I'm always kind of at loose ends, '' Now what ? ''- Like finishing a wonderful novel, you don't want it to be over.
    Are you like this too with your writing ?

  2. Good Morning, Elizabeth ~ Yes, The paintbrush with the butterflies caught my eye ~ It also took me to the "Journey" of it all - Once I "finish" a poem or an essay, or even a blog post - I need to be satisfied with the finished product, but I am a bit sad when it ends ... I am right there with you!

  3. Congratulations Karen!
    And congratulations to you K for 29 days of writing! Wow! That is great! Writing is your thing, you are so good at it! But photography is also something you do so well, and I think those two go together very well. Have fun and share something new with us! :)