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Friday, December 2, 2011

Speaking of Travel - On Poetry Friday ...


Days seem a wee bit long
After you are packed and gone

Time is the one I seem to blame
Hearing some thunder and the rain

Waiting for that safe arrival call
Being my lifesaver, after all

Another sunny, cold, brisk day
Autumn always feels this way

Doing what we need to do
Hurrying back to me and you


  1. K this is lovely! Filled with emotions. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much, Sonja ~ I am sure you can relate to this poem ~ We are stronger than we think!

  3. Kristine- I'm hearing a sweet sadness in your poem.

    Reading your reply to Sonja , without needing to know anything more, I'm reminded to be strong. No matter what our circumstances might be, through the thick and thin of life; Autum will always arrive, along with the lovely memories of a time that has moved along.

  4. Thank you, Elizabeth - Our husbands travel quite a bit - We worry about them - But we keep busy while they are gone - I was thinking of my Husband quite a bit yesterday, so that is why I created this poem - Strength - A beautiful gift!