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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angels Among Us


What is it when we feel a chill
Feelings around us, at times bring a thrill

Stories of those before us are told,
Memories and history are what we hold

A soft voice that we sometimes hear
Peacefulness is what we hold dear

Stop for a moment and softly sigh,
Great feelings make us want to cry

We have been told that they come back
Is it our wiits that we are starting to lack?

What was that sound around the bend
Seems this is turning more into a trend

How do I react to such a fate
Some people think - This is quite great

Wishing for one more time to hear
Waiting is the most difficult to bear


  1. You are too kind, Sonja! Thank you ...

  2. Hi new friend...just read Angels are among us...oh, yes they are... check out a photo I took..think you will like it..being a photographer and one who listens for angel's wings many blessings, e'layne