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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enjoying Moments ...

I thought I would use this picture for today's post because it reminds me of a few years ago - I did this Tulip Photo Shoot - It was a beautiful, breezy day that I could have stayed there for hours on end - I disciplined myself to not look at my photos while taking them - Let it be a bigger surprise once I got home to download them. I have a few shots that I really like from this shoot, this is one of them. I hope you enjoy this photo - As much as I enjoyed this day ... Some days stay with us forever!

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  1. Kristine, I am constantly amazed by your photography, and especially your flowers! And when I look at you photos, I always think about fabrics made with your photos printed on them. That would be beautiful to work with! You could be a designer for fabric or paper! Imagine a purse with this flower (printed)on the side, then some lace, a button or two, some pearls...Oh, I am dreaming!