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Saturday, April 9, 2016

April Love --- Day Nine

Dear Imagination,
You were the one, who said to put real grass in a tupperware container (with holes in the lid) with a paper frog I cut out of the Sunday funny pages. The one who helped me draw my idea of Snoopy's companion, Woodstock. Who collected stuffed koala bears, wishing they were real. The one who wanted Mrs Beasley and I to have a real conversation. Who dreamnt of having long hair like my Cher doll, One Day. Or my Barbies driving around in my Dad's slippers, posing as vehicles . The one who made me afraid of the ocean after seeing the movie, Jaws. The one who pretended being a teacher on my chalkboard. The one who played bank teller with my Moms voided checks. The one who doodled on the inside soles of my Nike sneakers. How driving through the path at the end of my street always felt like my own Secret Garden. I find myself using you in all my writings and photography. For all the things I still wish for and for making each day more colorful – Thank You !!!

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