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Friday, April 8, 2016

April Love ... Day Six

Dear Books,
You are present in my home. In bookcases. Stacked on end tables. By my bedside.In my car.  Read and then referred back to. Written in. Highlighted. Many different genres. Self Improvement. Non-Fiction. Fiction. Autobiographies. Travel. Photography. Poetry. Journals. Diaries. Art Books. Workbooks. I feel it began with Dr Suess and shortly after finding Nancy Drew, life was never the same. Each new find opened my eyes to a new adventure. As a teen I remember sitting in between the aisles of a bookstore with friends, for hours flipping through undiscovered finds. My heart sores when I receive a bookstore gift certificate. I feel it is food for my soul. I have had a long romance with you. One that will last a lifetime.

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