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Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Love ... Day Three

Dear Feet,
In the beginning you assisted me in learning to walk, to ride a bike and to roller skate. In my youth, childhood memories, purchasing new shoes for the upcoming school year. Each season brought about a new look for you. In my teens you were adorned with ked sneakers and flip flops in the Summer. Heavy lambs wool winter boots in the colder ones. As years went by ore fashionable calf high styles in the in between times. A few short years ago you wore your first pair of cowboy boots, on the airplane and through many airports. You have been pedicured, rubbed, moisturized and danced upon. You have climbed stairs, steep hills and walked on gravel paths. You have led me to prettiest of ponds, and oceanside views that have taken my breath away .You have carried me to see many new and interesting places. I hope there are more adventures that you guide me to. You ground me, Each and everyday.

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