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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April Love ... Day Two

Day Two 

Dear Home, 
A dictionary definition of you is a permanent residence, but to me you are so much more. A key being placed in a front door leads me into my true self. Pets that greet me at the door.  Four walls that keep me safe from harm. A place that feeds, rests and cleanses my body. A couch that I can sink into after a long day. A soft bed to crawl into. Running water to assist in daily routines. Electricity to light my way. Windows to open to let the fresh air in. A backyard patio to enjoy. Plants that need watering. Books to be read and ones that I cannot let go of. Collections of travel and memories. A garden to watch grow. Plans to be made. Wishes to be spoken of. Meals to be prepared. Memories to be made. Dreams of having another one of you near the ocean or near a lake. Remain who you are. Never change. 

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