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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heart Day ...

Today I am thinking about favorite things - Things that make me happy, take notice and smile - A beautiful photograph, an old fashioned painting, patchwork of childhood memories (like above), an old song on the radio etc ... What captures your attention, has you take notice and smile?


  1. What a cute patchwork heart! And in great colors! :)
    There are many things that make me happy and smile, but the one I love the most is actually the feeling when I suddenly come across and old building, and that moment when I see an old doorway, or a balcony, or even an overgrown garden with rose bushes and trees, that's the moment I would like to capture and save forever. But, I can't. It comes and goes and I can do nothing about it. And what is that feeling? - well, I can't explain it completely, but it's like a sudden inspiration, call to past times, old books, a life lived long time ago (in another era), something like that. The feeling I can't catch completely, but a very nice one. That makes me happy.

  2. Sonja - Even though we cannot to a word to this feeling, I get the same feeling - I love "Old World" anything - A house, a doorway, a fence, an old mailbox etc ... Who lived there? How many children? Were they happy? What did they do for a living? Love history, in everyday life ... We are "True Soul Sisters" ...

  3. Hello! We are fellow sponsors on the Feed your Soul Art Blog and I wanted to stop by and show some blog*follow*LOVE! :)
    Hope you can stop by my blog: too! I love networking with fellow creative ladies!
    Have a Great day!

  4. Hi Des - So great to hear from you - Thank you for stopping by and showing some love - Yes, I will certainly stop by and visit your blog - Please continue to visit - Love feedback and getting to know other creatives!
    All the best,