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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Having Faith ...

It always amazes me that I seem to come across something meaningful when I need it the most. Lately, I have been thinking about "Faith". The past few years have tested my faith. I find comfort in knowing I still have it. On some days, I wish I had more of it to give. Faith seems to be very prominent in my life at times, and other times it is clouded. I like the times that it shines so brightly that it blinds me. This is when I feel completely whole. What keeps your faith alive?


  1. Dear Kristine - Let me first tell you that I enjoy your art very much! I am so happy to find your blog today and get to say hello!

    1 To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see. ~Hebrews 1:11~

    My faith is kept alive as I know The Lord is always working on my behalf. I may not be able to see it - But he is there!

    In a world that is just a bit on the edge that is a great comfort!

    Patty Apple/Lula Pomme

  2. Dear Lula ~ So nice to hear from you ~ Thank you for your friendship & insight ~ Always nice to know someone is looking out for us! I plan to visit your blog, as well ... Wonderful to connect with you!

  3. Dear Kristine~ My faith is always in motion. Like the weather, it's not so easy to predict on any given day. But , even when there is just the smallest glimmer, I always believe God is watching over our fragile planet .

    Over the years of my life I can see the ways God has transformed what would look to be someting dreadful into another story of redemption.
    This helps to keep my faith alive.

    My beloved family keeps my faith alive.

    Faith is about knowing to love, even if your heart could be broken.

    * Blessings and Peace * to a dear lady.

  4. Dear Elizabeth - Always wonderful to hear from you - Thanks for stopping by - Thank you for chiming in regarding this post - I am always in search of how others "Keep the Faith" - I know that the powers above are always working - As you mentioned - Knowing I also have a wonderful family and group of friends keeps my faith alive - Thanks again for always being such a great friend to me! So glad we met!

  5. Your asked."What keeps your faith alive?" Real people like & light Debix

  6. Prudence - Your post made my day - So glad we have met - Love having you here!